Colleges want students who will add value to their campus communities and justify their investments in them. Traditional high school clubs include lunch meetings and bake sales. Our projects empower students to explore their curiosities, passions, and possible career paths by way of problem solving, research, collaboration, and a search for measurables. Students learn skills such as project management, vision boarding, prototyping, website building, graphic design software, video editing, event planning, and public speaking skills.


Students develop the skills needed to effectively tackle their exam. We emphasize critical reading and thinking skills with an intensive, focused preparation plan. Students take weekly, full-length tests and learn how to improve their scores week by week with specific strategies.
AP Prep
AP test scores show colleges how a student competes nationally-- extra useful data when reviewing a student's college application. Often, schools do not provide students with skills to achieve a 4 or 5 on their exams. We focus on the strategies to successfully tackle multiple choice questions, but especially the free response essays, which are often 55 percent of the overall score for many exams. We prepare:

Euro History / US History / World History / Lang. and Comp. / Calc. AB/BC / Lit. and Comp. / Chemistry
SAT SUbjects
Some, not all, colleges and universities require SAT Subject test scores. Whether the school does or not, SAT Subject Tests provide more data from which a school may make their decisions.
We offer preparation for:

Math Level 1 + 2 / Biology / Chemistry / Physics / History / English


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