Explore thought-provoking and forward-facing courses.

Our students are equipped with the necessary skills and resources in order to pursue their academic passions and to navigate our rapidly-changing workforce.

Soft-Skills Building (Contemporary problem-solving)

Our Soft Skills workshops center on communication, critical thinking, and resilience, ensuring that students become curious, lifelong learners. 

Global Leadership 

In this workshop, we engage in thought-provoking, contemporary discussions about local, national, and global politics, mass migration, economic shifts, injustice and inequality, regional conflict, and so much more.

Ideating & Building Projects


Students learn to practice self-awareness, define problems, ideate, overcome roadblocks, and create solvent projects that engage with crucial problems. Then, students learn how to create prototypes for digital or other projects, presenting their interfaces, interactions, and behaviors as closely as possible. 

Digital Literacy


This course teaches students to read texts that are relevant and exciting.

Global Cinema


This bi-monthly project centers on films from around the globe. Together, we research, watch, discuss, and appreciate films that enrich our understanding of humanity and our global community.


Hard-Skills Building

Our Hard Skills workshops focus on modern skills, not old fashioned curricula. Students are tired of having 20th-century teachers educating 21st-century students.

Learn image manipulation, page layout, web design, HTML & CSS, computer illustration, and more. Learn how to brand yourself and to build a website that houses your accomplishments.

Digital Design and Branding

A course covering industry-standard digital design software used for image manipulation, page layout, web design, computer illustration, and more.

Digital Video Directing and Editing

A workshop covering industry-standard digital video software that will empower students to shoot and edit their own videos. Inside the Box (ITB) is GPA's Vice-style video news magazine. 

Intro to HTML/CSS

Our instructor Phoebe rules. She introduces students to computer science concepts and skills. Scholars collaborate with each other to explore the limitless potential of code and computer science. You better be able to show colleges that you understand future languages.


Boosts (Standardized test prep & academic support)

We are here to ensure your students not only stay on track with their online work but also excel with an A and/or a 5 on their AP tests. We have educators for all areas and will be going beyond a flat curriculum to include experimental, hands-on learning. 

Our Boost classes keep students organized, prepared, and successful. At a moment with so many questions and so little structure, we are here to offer answers, organization, and collaboration. 

SAT/ACT Success

We take a holistic approach to test preparation, teaching fundamentals and techniques that give students the knowledge to succeed.

AP Boost

For students in 9th-12th Grade. We offer engaging, relevant preparation for AP tests including History, English, Science, and Math. 

Writing for College

A crucial class that teaches students of all levels how to write beyond the five-paragraph essay and plagiarizing from online sources. This course teaches the students to critically think, speak confidently, and write with nuance and sophistication.  


College & Career Readiness

Gain access to our space and educators. Receive guidance in pursuing your academic pathway, as well as relevant courses and activities. Brainstorm personal statements and college essays.

College Curation

Reserved for Juniors and Seniors. We discuss all programs, all schools, all possibilities. We brainstorm personal statements and essays and produce stunning applications. We equip you to make the best decisions about where to apply.

College Curation for 10th, 11th 

We begin the discussion of how to properly and effectively apply to college. We discuss how the college landscape is changing - from majors to the way to apply. With this focus, students are inspired and prepared to apply to college. 

Counseling for Success

We help students plan out which courses, projects, and extracurricular activities fit them best and prepare them for future success applying to college, and, more importantly, success as human beings. 

Speech & Debate

GPA’s award-winning Speech and Debate Team focuses on developing debate and presentation skills among activated students through classes and speech and debate tournaments/competitions.

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Hustle 101

This course will introduce students to various types of speech and presentation strategies.

Think Tank

Unlimited access to our study space and educators. We track homework assignments and make sure students become their best academic selves.