Applying to colleges is far more than filling in courses and extracurricular activities and writing "essays"; it's a six month (or longer) journey that starts with deep thinking about college locations, sizes, academic programs, social environment, etc., and evolves into searching for the ideas that develop into compelling, well-revised personal statements.

We also offer FREE advising on the FAFSA + CSS profile to our students + parents. You should never have to pay someone for this service. We teach + empower you to fill out these applications on your own.

Lastly, we celebrate with you as you pour over your admission options and financial aid packages in April and May. GPA is with you for the whole journey.

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Our goal is to find the perfect college that fits the student in every way.
We curate academics, activist and ideas so that your student is fully prepared to succeed in school, prepare to apply to college, and lead a full, interesting life. Applying to colleges require self-discovery, so we tailor our programs and suggestions to fit each student's unique interests and talents.

In order to do so we are with students all along the way -- whether it's choosing the right courses, the best activities, or continuing a conversation about what each student is passionate about.