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We don’t hand out packets and worksheets; we see the Fourth Industrial Revolution and a rapidly shifting economy and have created courses, workshops and collaborative teams that are focused on empowering students to enhance their creativity, critical thinking, digital literacy, communication skills and mental flexibility. Our courses are for the student preparing to be passionate and successful in 2025 and beyond.

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Intended for : 6th-8th Grades

Preparing students for critical thinking and articulate communication.

This workshop will introduce students to carious types of speech and presentation strategies. We want students to improve their classroom confidence and prepare them to be articulate, interesting human beings. We particularly suggest that students pair this course with Current Events so that they can learn how to talk about the issues of today with fluency and confidence.


Intended for : 7th Grade and up

Sadly, the literary canon (what is considered appropriate for high school students to read) has not changed in over 50 years. This course teaches students how to critically read texts that are relevant and exciting, ranging from Oscar-winning animated short films to Kendrick Lamar songs. The skills learned in the workshop translate beautifully to reading high school texts and prepare students to be critical readers in college.


Intended for : 7th Grade and up

Why don’t teachers model how to write a good paragraph or paper? Why are students just handed a random rubric with circles around what they are doing wrong? We don’t do that. We teach students how to approach texts and speak about them in a holistic, comprehensive manner. Then, we model how to write a good introduction, paragraph and conclusion. If a student knows how to write, life becomes so much better.


Intended for: 9-11th Grades
(Enrollment period for academic  year takes place from July-September)

Members of our nationally-ranked Speech + Debate team become fluent in the most pressing current event issues and develop debate skills through rigorous practices and competitive tournaments.


Intended for: 9-10th Grades

When it comes to the college application process (as with everything else), knowledge is power. Therefore, we offer this workshop for high school students who are not yet applying to college but want the essential information that will prepare them for the journey. We introduce students to every college and university in the country, how majors are changing, the application process, free fly-in programs, financial aid, and what it takes to get into their dream school.