We believe in 11 core values (10 just wasn’t enough) that inspire us and, hopefully, will inspire our students.


1. Curiosity
2. Empathy
3. Activism
4. Critical Thinking
5. Creativity
6. Flexibility
7. Collaboration
8. Initiative
9. Inclusivity
10. Solvency
11. Justice
Our teachers and mentors have decades of experience developing and employing the GPA way.


1. Encourage students to explore their passions and curiosities.

2. Approach global issues and their historical context in a thoughtful manner.

3. Create projects that engage with problems through research, creative methodology, and a constant search for solvency.

4. Compete academically with the best students in the country.

5. Foster an environment of “Coop-petition” (a delicious blend of productive cooperation and healthy competition).

6. Understand the vast array of higher education programs and opportunities.

7. Produce college applications that fully capture the whole student.

8. Inspire global citizenship.