GPA launched with the specific intention of bridging the gap between a struggling public school education and the privileged, private boarding school ecosystem that effortlessly regenerates Ivy League (and other name brand colleges and universities) students. We imagined an example of a new high school education. We began by designing a space that doesn’t look like an institution invested in creating servile students who will transition to office spaces or extinct factories. We then devised a curriculum that inspires students to love learning, find their curiosities and graduate with a 2030 skill set. GPA understands that packets and standardized testing are the norm. We will not back down from those who are afraid of students who think for themselves and find their passions. GPA gets that the future is uncertain; however, our students have the curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and social skills that can make them successful in STEM, design,humanities, public policy or any combination of these and emerging disciplines in higher education and beyond.

David chooses Santa Clarita as the city where GPA can make the most difference.

January 2014

Myra sketches a logo

March 2014

After battling with the city planners and writing a letter to the mayor, we are finally given our construction license.

October 2014

The framing for our “spaceship” begins. We don’t fit SCV, and we like it.

December 2014

The Sanctuary is ready for students

May 2015

GPA opens its doors to a family of new students.

June 2015

We gather to plot our take over of the new space and design a wide open room where we can gather and collaborate.

October 2015

The stairs are completed, and we open the expanded GPA.

October 2016

Led by Dylan, SCV Urge highlights our students activism and commitment to serving the least of us.


Amy and Young’s ReEnVogue Fashion Show reveals the power of our new space.


Our beautiful custom door adds a little quiet and a whole lot of beauty to our space.


As a compelling example of our student projects, Kayla and Cass lead “The Bob Ross Project”.

SepTEMBER 2018

Our class of 2019 earns over 25 million dollars in grants and scholarships.

May 2019


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