We are still up and running, offering virtual courses and Zoom conferences that prepare students for college and beyond. Our students continue to stay productive and collaborative - even during quarantine. 

The GPA difference

GPA doesn't hand out packets and worksheets, considering we are in an age where student debt is at an all-time high. We see the Fourth Industrial Revolution and a rapidly shifting economy and have created courses that empower students to enhance their problem-solving, critical thinking, digital literacy, and leadership skills. Created by experienced educators, our virtual and in-person courses prepare students to be passionate and successful in 2030 and beyond. Our success in finding programs at colleges and universities around the country and the world is unmatched.


Continuously creating value


Find out what's happening at GPA, witness student projects evolve, and keep up with the latest news involving the future of work and education here.

I spent most of my two years at GPA taking Global Leadership and Take Action workshops. From holding my very own fashion show and overcoming my self-doubts to getting the very inspiration while sitting on the grass bench in the green room to write the essays that got me to where I where I am (Yale - Boola Boola!!), GPA has done more for me than I could express in words. They fully invest their time and efforts to make each and every student that enters through the door a whole-rounded, active global citizen.

Amy, Class of 2018

Yale University

Learn about what it takes to navigate the future of your academic endeavors.


Fostering a new generation of innovators and problem-solvers


We don't propose radicalizing education. We aim to supplement it, enhancing purpose inside the classroom, encouraging earlier career development, and improving potential student outcomes.




"GPA cultivated my global knowledge and motivated me to challenge social inequities. Here, I was encouraged to express my viewpoints, and most importantly put them into action." 


Colleges want students who are creative, bold problem-solvers.  Our students turn their passions into actions. Currently, our students are ideating and planning over 90 projects and events that deal with everything from women's rights to sustainable fashion. Meet curious, collaborative, and impact-driven students like you.





Guiding students to approach college as a return on investment, not a piece of paper to graduate with.


We bring clarity to the complex and confusing college selection process.  Our students save hundreds of thousands of dollars through our more educated college selection. Our graduating classes average $24 million per year in scholarships and grants from all of their college acceptances. Learn how to make it all possible, with constant guidance and support.


Many notable speakers & drop-in guests have visited GPA to offer guidance and words of advice to our students 

Providing a direct pipeline to industry thought leaders and professional practice, GPA provides an opportunity for students to receive immediate and critical feedback on their ideas. Past speakers include:

⟶  Reza Aslan, internationally renowned writer (#1 NY Times Bestseller)

⟶  Matthew Manos, Professor of Design at USC Iovine and Young Academy

⟶  Joe Choe, B.A. Economics at Harvard, publisher in Harvard Political Review

⟶  Cary Williams, Olympic certified coach & entrepreneur in fitness
⟶  Mama Shakur, aunt of the late great Tupac Shakur

Explore your path

Global Prep Academy aims to ensure that the next cohort of students have the skills and guidance required to achieve success in their academic pathway and eventually the workforce, for our economy demands it.


Creating social value

Through our collaborative space, we provide the workspace, assets, and technology for critical thinking and endless creativity to address the complex problems of our global community.​ 

We encourage our students to act on their passions and to problem solve. 


Preparing tomorrow's leaders

Our rapidly-changing economy and workforce demands a greater mix of skills. We provide the instruction and technology to develop new skills.


Guiding our students towards the future

At  GPA, we view high school as an opportunity for exploration. We use your time in high school productively to help you to discover a path that is authentic to your interests and your purpose. Not every student has to assume that they are pre-med or pre-law.

Life after


Former Global Preppers discuss the impact that GPA has had on their educational experience, as well as their aspirations and goals.

Video testimonial

coming soon!

How GPA led me to the most selective

start-up education in the country.

Shantanu Jhaveri, Presidential Scholar at USC Iovine and Young Academy

Video testimonial

coming soon!

How GPA led me to the most selective

start-up education in the country.

Shantanu Jhaveri, Presidential Scholar at USC Iovine and Young Academy

Video testimonial

coming soon!

How GPA led me to the most selective

start-up education in the country.

Shantanu Jhaveri, Presidential Scholar at USC Iovine and Young Academy

We're so proud of our 2020 class, where 92% earned acceptance to one of their top three choices!

Congrats, global preppers!


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Types of courses offered


Closing the informational gap on college & career readiness.


Underrepresented students at public schools often face a greater number of barriers to college and have less support to overcome them. We aim to provide the guidance and resources that they need in order to ensure their postsecondary success. Every student deserves a chance to understand how to properly invest in their educational experience.

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